Thailand is an interesting country for businessmen and tourists. It doesn’t matter if you go to Thailand on vacation or because of business, knowing some Thai can be very helpful. That way you will find your way around the Thailand much quicker and easier. At least you can ask for direction or order some food.

But how to learn Thai? There are many ways you can learn Thai. You can go to Thai class, learn it from a book (or ebook) or audio course or hire a tutor. Some methods are better than others, but all of them are good. It all depends on what works better for you.

Why Would You Want To Learn Thai

ThaiThailand is a beautiful country and a real paradise for tourists. Beaches are amazing, water is clear and prices are very affordable. It’s a perfect destination for your family vacation.

Going in a country where almost no one speaks your native language can be frustrating. That’s why it is a good idea that you learn some basics before you go. You can learn Thai quite easily with “how to learn Thai” books and courses.

In just a few short days you will learn enough to ask for direction, order food and drinks, and make deals with the locals. You will enjoy your vacations this way much more because you won’t be limited to your tourist resort.

Doing Business In Thailand

Learn ThaiThailand is an interesting country for many businessmen, especially because their labor is cheaper than in most countries. If you are doing business in Thailand you don’t have to learn Thai.

You can hire a professional translator that will help translate on the spot. But it wouldn’t hurt if you learn some basic Thai phrases. This way you can show a little bit respect and gain some extra points with them.

But when you are in long term business relationships, you should consider taking extended Thai courses. That way you won’t always need translator every time you will talk to your business partners. This is especially critical when you have to solve problems fast.