Have you ever had great online shopping experience where everything just went smooth? As you probably experienced before, online shopping doesn’t always go as smooth as it should.

User experienceMaybe you had a problem navigating through the site and finding the product you were looking for and then you had to go through ten more steps just to order it. Or maybe you ordered item and wait weeks before it arrived.

Or maybe you found the product you like, the price was great, but on order page, you find out that they have limited payment methods and you are not able to pay for the product.

The great online shopping experience is when you don’t have any of this problems. Finding item and ordering was easy, item was in stock, they have next day shipping and they had many payment methods to choose from. That is what I call great online shopping experience.

What Makes A Great Online Shopping Experience?

Let’s say you are looking for new headphones and retro gaming console. In a perfect situation, you would find what you are looking for in just a few clicks.

Online user experienceThe shop would have those headphones and retro gaming console on stock and could ship them out next day at the latest. Once you choose what you will buy, it would take just a few clicks at check out page. Sounds great, right?

There are also other things that make great experience even better. When you are buying for technical goods like headphones and retro gaming console, it happens that you have a couple of questions before you want to buy.

In this cases is very helpful if the merchant has quick and responsive support that you can ask them all kind of questions. All these things are part of a great online shopping experience.