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Punahou has one of Hawai’i’s largest dance academies for grades K– 12. It provides not only a wide array of dance designs, yet also an array from initial to the most challenging of degrees. All courses are open to the general public, as well as to Punahou pupils.

The program is major and comprehensive, educating trainees to enjoy dance as well as supplying sufficient structure for further imaginative searches. The discipline, perseverance as well as knowledge required to succeed in the doing arts offers the students well in other facets of their lives, both in as well as out of the classroom. The Dance School cultivates and also advertises these character characteristics, and also fosters an abiding appreciation for dance and the executing arts.

Dancing at Punahou Dance School has the biggest registration of our 5 dance types, offering 15 levels and also 16 courses each week. We encourage (but do not require) our students to research ballet, as classical method is the structure of almost all stage dance.

Pupils are positioned according to their age, ability and experience. It is not unusual for dancers to remain in the exact same level for 2-3 years before proceeding. Starting classes start with basic vocabulary, positions as well as sequences. Intermediate courses emphasize body placement, conditioning and even more complicated mixes. Our intermediate-advanced, sophisticated and pointe professional dancers train even more intensively– they are in course several times each week, research with master instructors, and also are given the possibility to perform throughout the year.

Due to the fact that ballet training is precise and rigorous, dancers discover self-control and also resolution in their technique to this art. We strive for our pupils to be smart dancers, comprehending concepts of strategy as well as how to find out on their feet. Our students have gone on to come to be professional dancers and dance teachers, as well as lifelong professional dancers and also advocates of the arts. In the loss, ballet professional dancers across the island are invited to audition for Hawaii Ballet Theatre’s annual production of The Nutcracker, which has held practice sessions at Punahou for over 20 years.

Jazz dance at Punahou ranges from the elegant choreography of Broadway musicals to lyrical modern types and street dancing. As with any type of technique-based dancing kind, students are encouraged to study ballet as a structure. Intermediate school as well as secondary school jazz professional dancers at Punahou can audition for the Dance Team, which rehearses on Saturdays and carries out at athletic events and local competitors.

Faucet dance is an original American art type, calling for the percussive musical capability of a drummer and also the strength and also control of a ballet or jazz professional dancer. Detailed choreography and also challenging rhythms belong to the trademark style at Punahou, including both timeless Broadway and balanced (” hoofer”) tap. Along with weekday classes, our 4 Tap Companies dancing on Saturday early mornings– they are elite tappers who are given performance possibilities throughout the year, as well as must audition to join.

Street Dance (likewise called “Hip-Hop”) is a term applied to dancings consisting of breakdancing, standing out, locking, as well as other current styles. In its original kind, hip-hop was a display for imaginative expression on the street and in clubs, much more lately advancing into staffs and classes executing onstage and in studios. At Punahou it is shown as a formalized ensemble dancing, with thorough choreography, patterns and actions.

The music theater educational program at the Dance School is designed to provide a structure for students in dance, acting, as well as singing performance. Learning both conventional as well as present Broadway songs, elementary-aged students will certainly receive a broad, exciting intro to the category. Older trainees as well as those with previous experience will certainly improve their training by finding out jazz-based dance method as well as a selection of choreographic styles as well as Broadway styles.

After School
The Dance School is component of Punahou’s Co-Curricular Programs, using over 50 classes a week after school. Our curriculum is based on a three-year cycle: During the initial year, classes focus on dance method, self-assessment, and also informal studio efficiencies.

Summer School
Over a five-week period throughout the summer, the Dance School provides most of the very same classes as the routine academic year, but the much shorter session allows for trainees to discover new dance types or study more intensively. Courses are held earlier in the afternoon, to align with the shorter summer season college day, as well as visitor instructors join our regular professors. In the early mornings, a study course is provided for pupils in qualities 2-6 called” Dance Awareness”, which presents them to ballet, jazz, musical theater, faucet and also Polynesian dance, as well as culminates in a lively, costumed efficiency at the Dance Pavilion.

All classes are held in the Josephine Flanders Dance Pavilion located on top university. Named after the Dance School’s creator, this state-of-the-art facility was finished in 2008 as well as is one of the finest of its kind.

The Dance School faculty is our biggest possession. They function with each other to enhance their mentor skills, to promote quality in the classroom and to cultivate a warm and also caring environment throughout the Dance School.

The Dance School grows and promotes these personality attributes, and also promotes a following gratitude for dancing as well as the carrying out arts.

Jazz dancing at Punahou ranges from the elegant choreography of Broadway musicals to lyrical contemporary kinds as well as road dance. The music theatre educational program at the Dance School is developed to supply a structure for students in dancing, acting, and also singing performance. Over a five-week period during the summertime, the Dance School offers several of the exact same courses as the normal institution year, however the shorter session allows for trainees to check out brand-new dancing types or research more intensively. In the early mornings, a study program is used for trainees in qualities 2-6 called” Dance Awareness”, which introduces them to ballet, jazz, music movie theater, tap as well as Polynesian dancing, as well as finishes in a vibrant, costumed efficiency at the Dance Pavilion.

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